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At Stareworthy, we strive to create books that establish deeper connections within families.
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The Stareworthy Story

Ever since I can remember, I have been capturing family moments. When I was young, I had a passion for documenting my family's adventures in traveling. I always made photo albums with the pictures I took on our trips, which later inspired me to become a professional photographer. After seven years in photography, working with an array of clients from businesses, artists, and families, one day I thought it would be fun to make custom gifts for my five young nieces and nephews— using photographs of them that I had taken over the years.

I wanted these gifts to not only be special for them, but truly meaningful. The goal was to use our family photographs— which, these days, are taken in abundance— in a way that helped them to learn about the world around them and their unique place in it. From that goal came the first Stareworthy® books: Mommy’s Around the World Adventures.

The gifts were so well-received that I was inspired to create more, designed for families all over the country. Using research from leading figures in early childhood development, Stareworthy books are now designed to enhance a young child’s reading experience, all while honoring the original goal: for children to learn about the world around them, and their unique place in it.

Having always valued the concept of family legacy and wanting to preserve memories for generations to come, it is truly a wonderful feeling to see a child's (or parent's) eyes light up at the sight of their own memories presented in a keepsake book with a story they can cherish for a lifetime. At Stareworthy, we strive to create books that not only establish deeper connections within families, but also inspire children to have their own adventures to share!

Anna Stare, Founder & CEO
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Stareworthy is proudly based in Charleston, SC

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