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All Stareworthy books are thoughtfully designed to enhance early childhood development and preserve treasured memories.

The driving mission of Stareworthy is to provide people with products that are inherently good. There is purity and wholesomeness behind every Stareworthy story. Wholesomeness, our desires for good, our love for the important people in our lives, is our common ground. It is what unites us all in heart and spirit- and it is what we seek to capture in every Stareworthy product.

Based on research from leading figures in childhood development, we've designed stories to enhance the brain-growth of your child based on their age range and encourage milestone achievement in a way that is wholesome, engaging, and fun!

Our books are written to suit the following developmental age ranges:


Infant 0 to 6 Months
(0-6 Months)


Baby 6 to 12 Months
(6-12 Months)


Toddler 12 Months to 3 Years
(12 Mo - 3 Years)


Pre-K 3 to 4 Years
(3 - 4 Years)

Kindergarten/Early Grades

Kindergarten & Early Grades 5 to 7 Years
(5 - 7 Years)

With the rise of handheld technological devices and social media, parents worry about the effects of overstimulation on their young children. The camera rolls on our mobile devices contain thousands of images, and despite the convenience of carrying our memories with us in the palms of our hands, research suggests a detrimental impact of smartphone usage on the young, developing minds of children.

We believe in using the modern accessibility of our favorite photos to create products that promote in children a strong sense-of-self and healthy connections with caregivers; leading to well-rounded, resilient kids.

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