Our Story

Ever since I can remember, I have been capturing family moments. When I was young, I had a passion for documenting my family's adventures in traveling- whether it was a weekend at the beach or two weeks in Europe. I always made photo albums with the pictures I took on our trips, which later inspired me to become a professional photographer.  After six years in photography, working with an array of clients from businesses, artists, and families,- one day I thought it would be fun to make custom story books for my five young nieces and nephews- using photographs of them that I had taken over the years. Since the birthday of my sister-in-law (and mother of a one year old girl) was approaching at the time,  it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out this idea and gift her a book! I decided to use the story of a trip to South Africa and Australia that she, my husband, and I had taken together a few years prior (I definitely had plenty of photos to choose from!). This endeavor resulted in a set of two books entitled: Mommy's Around the World Adventures, one about our African safari and the other about the "ABCs" of our time in Australia. I wrote some fun rhymes about our experiences and used our own photos from the trip as a way for my sister-in-law to share the story of her international adventures with her daughter. The gift was well-received and the idea for Stareworthy™ was born!
Having always valued the concept of family legacy and wanting to preserve memories for generations to come, it is truly a wonderful feeling to see a child's (or parent's) eyes light up at the sight of their own memories presented in a high-quality keepsake book with a story they can cherish for a lifetime. We strive to create books that not only establish deeper connections within families, but also inspire young children to have their own adventures to share! 
- Anna Stare, Founder - Stareworthy™ Custom Children's Books 
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