Preserve their memories with a keepsake book!


What goes into your Stareworthy™ custom children's book?

This is not a one-size-fits-all book that merely inserts your child's name into a pre-written story. We create beautiful, custom written and designed books to share your story with your child, and they feature your photographs as the illustrations! A mix between a high quality photo album and a charming story book, a Stareworthy™ custom children's book brings your family memories to life in a way that is both engaging and fun. These keepsake books also make the perfect gift! Whether it's a birthday, a baby shower, or the Holiday season, a Stareworthy™ book is sure to be a big hit!

Our books are one-of-a-kind and not mass produced. Specially crafted by an experienced writer and graphic designer just for you and your family, your story will always be uniquely yours! After you purchase your story, additional copies of your book can be purchased for a fraction of your original price.

We offer two story structures: a traditional story arc and the "ABCs of" format. Both feature creative rhyming lines written just for you! For the "ABCs of" option, you have a choice of picking the topic and having a writer decide what the letters stand for, or if you prefer to choose the letters yourself, you can submit those to us in the "pertinent information" section while placing your order and we will write the rhyming lines for you!

Babysitter Selfie

Submit your photos: 

You can submit up to 30 photos to us to include in your book. Page designs may feature multiple photos used in one spread. Some additional stock images may also be used in your design, at no cost to you.  Stareworthy™ is licensed to use stock imagery, which are only incorporated on occasion as visual enhancements to your story. Some minor edits may also be applied to your photos, such as cropping or brightening.

Other pages may include digital illustrations or design elements, as shown here:

Copy of WILD-6.png

We offer a variety of book sizes- from the 7"x7" small wonder, perfect for your favorite little page-turner, to larger format books that make your stories come to life for your family or classroom!

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Small Square



Large Landscape

Large Square

We print your pictures and stories on high quality photo paper so your family memories are well preserved. Your books are then carefully bound by hand in the style you specified in your order. 

Standard Paper


Layflat Paper


Our paper options include the premium Layflat style- which offers ultra-thick, tear resistant paper for your favorite little page turner, as well as the opportunity for your images to be displayed across the spread without interruption. We also have the classic Standard paper option- a smooth, high-quality, everyday photo paper. 


All of our books feature a printed hardcover with a unique design created just for you.